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Be like water and fit whatever shape surrounds you. A Zen way of looking at change.

25 Apr

Ok, this my third try at a post tonight. Somehow I’ve lost the first two. I’ll try to resurrect them again soon but not this tired night.

Suffice to say there are some unexpected changes coming in the next week. I’m moving on to a new assignment on Monday. I will finish this one to the last bit of paperwork and goodbyes and start the new one to the very best of myself. It’s the influence of the nuns that still sit on my shoulders. Just ask my wife about the nun influence!

While I am a little anxious about this newness of place and employment, I know it will all work out as it should. I believe in my Irish luck, my McCarty charm, and the faith of my wife, family and friends. I also believe each of us has an ultimate purpose in this life time. Be like water even in the most changeable of times. Water always finds its own level and shape but does not change its ultimate nature.