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Please Mama, don’t stop!

11 Feb

Yeah l know I recently posted about our girlie Zelda, but this morning was just to sweet not to share!

Our 14 year old (98 in human years) has retired from active Physical Therapy Rehab doghood.  Which makes me sad on several levels.  It means she’s getting closer to the “Rainbow Bridge” and I’m pretty sure the special understanding of the folks on the Huntington’s unit during her work days had enormous positive effects on her skittish nature…they still miss her!  

They still remember her name…from 2011!  They don’t always remember my name for crying out loud!   She’s become much more affectionate, tolerant and accepting of strangers.  That makes me sad too because I wish we could give her all the affection she so deserves!


Planting Weekend at CoyoteCrow Farm.

29 May

What my wife said! Dang, it felt good to shovel and have my hands in the dirt. I’m thinking our bathtub may not recover for a while… with all the dirt my shower left behind. And my mouth waters thinking about the yumminess our efforts of this weekend will produce in a few months between eggs from the chickens and vegetables from the garden!

I’m finally back in Lexington and heading off to sleep. Tomorrow promises to be a looong day at work. Hope you all had as great a weekend as we did. G-night and dream well.

Reaching for Nonsense

I was going to write a nice descriptive post about the process of making dandelion wine, and maybe I will.  But this weekend was so chock-full of busy-ness and activity that I can’t pull my mind together.  I think I can manage a list, though.  🙂  Thank you for your indulgence.

  • Weez was home all weekend, which was lovely.  Three whole days together, working on the homestead.
  • Got over myself and bought started veggie plants from the organic guy at the farmer’s market–tomatoes, basil, dill, lavender, cucumbers, sage.
  • We planted potatoes and tomatoes in the driveway, which involved lots of shoveling dirt.
  • We put together all the ingredients for this year’s dandelion wine.  Hoping the magic will transform the smelly sludge into a potent elixir like it did last year!
  • Bottled the Scottish 80 shilling ale from Northern Brewer.  Can’t wait to try it out!
  • Made huge…

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THAT kind of day, huh!

4 May
Heading home 2 nights ago after work, I was halfway ’round that peculiar New England institution known as the rotary or round-about.  Simultaneously, two yellow trouble lights lit up, the temperature gauge went rocketing into the red and I lost my power steering.
Somehow I managed to wrestle the car out of the rotary  and end up in a Friendly’s restaurant parking lot. Thank God it wasn’t in the fast lane on the highway. Oh, those silver linings  again.  Opened up the owner’s manual long enough to realize the lights meant something bad about the coolant system.
I had  been heading to a local diner to eat.  Once I figured there was nothing I could do, I went in to do just that.  My mind slowed down as I fed it and breathed deeply as I advise my patients to do when panicked.
In spite of myself, I’m surprised every time by how well that advice works.  I let go of the enormous “WTF!” to the Universe.  Needed to be done in order to make necessary phone calls and prioritize tasks of importance over the next 12-15 hours.
When the AAA driver arrived and got out of his tow truck, his first words were whats up in this Post’s title.  My reply, “it’s been a hell of a day!”  “The look on your face said it all,” he said back.
And then proceeded to hook up my car, take me and my car to a nearby garage, give me the name  of a car rental place and drop me and my gear off at my hotel. Keep passing it along dude, the Universe will recognize and reward it.  Trust me, someone is keeping score!
Now on to the better part of my day.  My new coworkers were very sympathetic to my tardiness and traumatic plight.  I’m starting to sort out who’s who.
One of them who lives close to where I’m staying is going to pick me up for work this morning.  So I only needed a rental car for one day.
But the bestest part of the day was getting to hang out with some of the over 90’s crowd.  They got that way by being stubborn, funny and feisty.
One 98 year old informed me she was born a month before England declared war against Germany… in 1914, and her grandfather  was in the Civil War… for the North of course she said tartly, when I asked her which side.
She is unabashedly  a liberal feminist UU with a great sense of humor and a stubbornness to match my own.  After testing me a bit, her roommate declared to my patient she had  finally met her match.  Maybe, maybe not, it can be difficult to to match wits  with such a wily crowd.
And in spite of his oxygen tubing another patient practically chased me and the occupational therapist working with me into the hallway with the foam swords… a fun and effective way to work on balance and endurance.
Yeah, that over 90’s crowd sure know how to teach some of us young ones (I’m 56) how to have fun.  I really do love my work.
And it’s off to work I go right now.  May everyone get joy from whatever work you do.

It was a good day!

16 Apr



With the crazy weather over the last few months, scenes like this are common out close to the northeast coast where I’ve been working recently. Cripes, it’s only mid-April.

I started my day as usual this past week by taking Mr Frankie for his morning walk around 6 AM. As a history buff, I know full well what Patriots Day means to our Nation’s beginnings. In fact, Elizabeth and I have talked about spending a long weekend out here in Lexington so I can check out the re-enactments of the “shot heard ’round the world”.

As circumstances have it here I am in Lexington on this very day, only I’m out walking my dog when the first shots are fired a 1/2 mile or so away on the very town green where it all happened over 200 years ago. And I could hear the rat-tat-tat of the drums shortly thereafter. OK, I admit it I kind of got the chills. Frankie just perked his ears up. He’s not really big into history.

The good day continued with a fairly easy commute to work. It was the kind of morning where I counted my blessings on the ride north and felt everything slide into place. I do not take lightly the advantages, privileges and responsibilities of being born to an American Navy Dad. It is one of the reasons I joined ROTC and the Army National Guards in college.

It was that way at work as well as throughout the day I could feel my passion for my profession make a real difference for those who needed me. It was one of those days where it all seems to come together.

And it ended with a wonderful phone conversation with my wife about home, the dogs and cats, our growing chickens, our future, the love we have for each other and our life together. Yeah, it was a good day! Even our Top Cat, Nisha (below) thinks so.


Road Reflections and Metaphors

14 Apr

Well the first week of scary Rt 128 (the highway that circles around just outside Boston, Massachusetts) turned out to be not that scary.

Luckily, I have to drive north in the morning and south in the evening. Looking at the traffic heading in the opposite direction is way scarier. Although I did get a taste of how it could be a couple of times this week.

Once when it rained a wee bit, the traffic slowed considerably and was even stop and go a little. I kept thinking really? What happens if it rains hard or heaven forbid snows? But hey what do I know, I’m just a country mouse a little out of her element!

And then last evening after work there was an accident complete with police and fire trucks arriving on the scene. There was the usual squeezing to the right to let the emergency vehicles pass and then to the left to pass the accident itself. At one point someone was either going too fast or rubbernecking too much and wacked into the back of a fire truck.

Good thing the cars involved in the accident were off the road. I could just imagine if they were in the middle of the highway how backed up and snarled the traffic could get. But I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a handle on the normal traffic patterns on my new daily commute.

This our GPS Gertrude. Named by Maggie, my wife’s Grandmother when we visited her in Illinois. Maggie said she sounded like a Gertrude especially when she was “Recalculating” directions. My Mother-in-Law has leant me her GPS for the duration of my stay because as she puts it “I already know where I’m going around here”. I have named her GPS NotGertrude. This GPS is more up to date.

I used NotGertrude for most of this week instead of listening to a book on my iPod so I had plenty of time to think on my ride to and from work. I will be keeping NotGertrude in my car from now on since Friday evening after work was when the accident on the highway happened.

I was following a new friend from work someplace off the familiar road to grab a bite to eat. My friend had to call me to let me know where to get off because the traffic was so snarled up I couldn’t actually follow her.

So anyway time to think on my new commute. Here are some observations and metaphors during that free brain time.

Does anyone else think Water River a funny name for a river. I mentioned this to some one this week and they said “Well, it’s been rather dry lately is there actually water in the river?” I look every time I pass the sign and yup, there’s water in the river every time. Kind of a redundancy if you ask me. Out in Phoenix, Arizona there’s a Dry River and yeah, it’s usually dry. An oxymoron if you think about it.

Here are some of those highway observations as metaphors for life.

Don’t be timid about getting on the highway… stomp on the gas or they’ll never let you merge. Make sure you’re in the correct lane for making the right route connections. Stay in the middle lane as much as possible… it allows for changes as circumstances dictate. Sometimes you need to go fast and sometimes it’s more prudent to slow down.

And whatever you do, don’t get behind big trucks. They don’t allow you see see the signs of what’s coming up on the road ahead. As much as it’s safely possible (remember the car that plowed into the fire engine) allow cars to merge into the highway or lane. It’s good karma for when you need to merge. Just sayin’.

On the home front, Elizabeth and the dogs, cats and chicks seem to be doing well. They all seem to be missing me as much as I miss them. Well, all except the chickens since they don’t really know me yet.

It really is a good thing Frankie is out here with me. He’s been such a comfort for my doggie soul. A touch of home so to speak. And my wife is right… we would so have 4 rather than 3 dogs if he wasn’t here!


One week down… 12 to go!

Quick time

10 Apr

Just a quick note tonight because as the title suggests everything seems to be going at supersonic speed. The hardest part of every day is getting to bed on time and getting up before the sun even arises.

So far (crossing fingers and toes) the commute has not been difficult… considering tough traffic at home means 15 cars are backed up for the turn left onto West street!

Frankie seems to be adjusting though I can tell he misses my wife, home, our other dogs and the cats. Especially the cats as there’s not any one here for him to really harass. He made a few friends on one of our walks tonight.

I miss Elizabeth and home as well… But I REALLY miss the fenced in backyard. Between the 3 walks daily with Frankie, working 40 hours and using the stairs at work, I’m gonna be in great shape once my assignment is over. Silver linings!

I like the Rehab team a lot as new folks are hired and coming on board. It doesn’t hurt that most of them are real dog lovers. My supervisor is trying to find out what we need to do to get Frankie to work. Good stuff.

My wife is keeping me updated on the chicks on her blog

Yup, it’s that time again to work on getting some sleep… tough for a night owl like myself.