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7 Jul

As some of you have may have noticed I’ve been working to be more active on my blog lately and I’ve realized I have a bunch of drafts I never finished or posted.  Procrastination is an ongoing issue for many of us…certainly one of mine.  

My southern based and soon to be departing boss remarked to me on Monday “how cruel it was to be posting all these recent photos of snow” as she would be happy to be viewing these scenes from a window up here once she’s retired and doesn’t have to drive in it.  Fair enough Ann…although we did tease you about you wimpy Southerners.

I decided to revisit some of previously non snowy not posted blog posts just for you.   Consider it my going away present!

This is from July of 2015.  The new chicklets ” spring 2015″!

Well it’s been quite an afternoon and I’m so glad i was home today.  I heard the first peal of thunder and immediately raced to check on our beautiful, sweet, slightly deaf, used to be faster and very phobic old girl Zelda.Old photo…Someday I’ll invent a drink called “Zelda on the Rocks” but I digress.  Benadryl is a wonderful anti-anxiety drug for frightened dogs.  It makes her chill and sleep.  I don’t know why she can’t  just enjoy the thunder rolling and bouncing around the hills…it’s an amazing sound but whatever I love her anyway.   Good thing I got to her quick cause a series of short lived T-storms came rumbling by and you have no idea how much damage a freaked Zelda can do while trying to hide (shudder).

 I did manage to get all three dogs out to the pen for business doing in between.  We just got back to the porch before the heavens opened in a deluge.  Both boy dogs and myself REALLY hate getting rained on.  Just before the next storm the hens started shrieking from the meadow.  Uh-oh.                                                              

As some of you might know we’ve had coyotes stop by on a few occasions.  One got a mouthful of tail feathers but Stumpy survived and I managed to pop the coyote in the butt  with a BB gun <grinning widely> to send it loping off into the woods.  One of the Wyandottes managed to escape the coop before Elizabeth was up, into the jaws of a predator…we think coyote.  So much for the early bird!  We followed the trail of feathers to the woods.                                                                                                                             


So anyway, this afternoon when the hens started hollering, I ran out to see Stumpy almost to the the porch and a small coyote out in the field making eyes at the other three hens running as only hens can run towards the house. I yelled loud and waved my arms wildly to chase it off to the woods.  I grabbed a BB gun to fire in all directions towards the woods.  But my heart sank as I realized there was no sign of the 15 chicklets.   

I found all of them in the bushes near the house.   All present and accounted for!  Smart kids!  

After the next torrential downpour, me and the 3 farm dogs made the rounds on the outskirts.  Domestic canines left plenty of messages to any wild ones lurking about.  And honestly, (slight sidestep here) there is so much we can learn from our closest companions.  Dogs have few issues regarding body image.  Therapy and farm dog, 13lb Frankie left the most obvious messages.  That boy just cracks me up!                            

It was a wild, weather-wise afternoon with swift moving systems about the hills.  Another clearing arrived later day.  

The big dogs to the pen, youngest canine and I to seek bounty from the land.  Mid July is a wonderous part of the wheel to be living up this mountain.  Thank you to the hands that tended flower and fruit before us!


It was a good day!

16 Apr



With the crazy weather over the last few months, scenes like this are common out close to the northeast coast where I’ve been working recently. Cripes, it’s only mid-April.

I started my day as usual this past week by taking Mr Frankie for his morning walk around 6 AM. As a history buff, I know full well what Patriots Day means to our Nation’s beginnings. In fact, Elizabeth and I have talked about spending a long weekend out here in Lexington so I can check out the re-enactments of the “shot heard ’round the world”.

As circumstances have it here I am in Lexington on this very day, only I’m out walking my dog when the first shots are fired a 1/2 mile or so away on the very town green where it all happened over 200 years ago. And I could hear the rat-tat-tat of the drums shortly thereafter. OK, I admit it I kind of got the chills. Frankie just perked his ears up. He’s not really big into history.

The good day continued with a fairly easy commute to work. It was the kind of morning where I counted my blessings on the ride north and felt everything slide into place. I do not take lightly the advantages, privileges and responsibilities of being born to an American Navy Dad. It is one of the reasons I joined ROTC and the Army National Guards in college.

It was that way at work as well as throughout the day I could feel my passion for my profession make a real difference for those who needed me. It was one of those days where it all seems to come together.

And it ended with a wonderful phone conversation with my wife about home, the dogs and cats, our growing chickens, our future, the love we have for each other and our life together. Yeah, it was a good day! Even our Top Cat, Nisha (below) thinks so.