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Loving, departing, scary stuff and renewing the pledge of love!

24 Aug

It’s been quite a year up here on the mountain.  We fell in love with and bought a log cabin on 13 acres and fell in love even more with the cabin and land.  We’ve now had almost a year up here and how could we not!

And that was just fall!  As we settled in to our first winter we realize there wasn’t enough wood.  We needed to hire someone to plow and a scary new health issue reared it’s ugly head, meaning shoveling the many paths needed over and over again was challenging.  

Ya, I had to pull out my lined farmer overalls and hand knit hat and then go rest between shovelings.  It was hard on the dogs, on the chickens and us!

But Spring , early Summer, new chicks and new life arrived up here on the mountain.  So did better health, wonderful young farm hands, a new garden and a new appreciation of the slow but steady way of approaching physical labor!  We got new spring chickens this year…and well I’m not one of them!

We’ve lost a few more of our elders this year…it’s been hard as our family is so closely bonded and beloved to each other!  I know we’ve missed all of them in our own ways…I can still hear all of their voices in my head.  And now we become the elders of our nieces, nephews, grandchildren and the parents they remember.  It truely is the cycle of time and family.  I’m not sure any of you will ever know my memories and love of you all.

And then our animal companions.  Not that everyone understands this but in some cases almost as important as our ” human” family.  Chichi, Digger, Iyago, Tilly, Cherry Merry, Agnus, Sherlock, Shirly, Bernie and Charlene, Lance and Jeremiah.  Yup, I’m pretty sure these are names my siblings and cousins would remember.

Loss is coming to our home as time marches on.  Nisha the Tuxeto kitty is gone now, Maeve kitty is 17 and hanging on best she can, Zelda is almost 14, losing a bit of speed, face color and hearing, Tanner will be 11 this fall and Frankie our “baby” just turned 8!  The joy and sorrow of loving our companions…I can’t stop loving them even as I know the sorrow to come.  

I will not stop opening my heart to family and friends as I will not stop loving the animals that become part of my heart…my heart is big enough for you all!


Chop Your Way to Success

10 Mar

“Four days into my new exercise regime and I’m feeling and seeing results” says Weez McCarty of Western Massachusetts who is thinking of producing a new Exercise Video: Chop Your Way to Success.  Her wife Elizabeth was skeptical at first, calling Weez her “crazy wife” and worried that the hour a day seemed excessive.  Some on Facebook even liked and commented along with Elizabeth.  However there was no denying the lack of water seepage into the guest/music room, the ever expansive view of the deck or the trimmer new Weez.

“It’s not an easy routine but boy it is so satisfying to get after it day by day” says Weez.

Weez went on to say “it’s been such a long snowy winter, and I’ve  spent so much time on the couch I was beginning to get cabin fever.  Weez and Elizabeth do indeed live in a log cabin.

Weez complained of not feeling like herself with no fire wood to stack, all the snow paths shoveled and only one snowshoe outing this winter.


Weez listed some of the benefits of her new workout.

-no need to join a gym or for expensive equipment                                                                                                                 

-You can workout in your Jammies although boots and gloves are advisable.                                                                                                                                                                                       

-a total body exercise combining cardio and strength training                                                                                             

-and as an added bonus you see imediate results in reclaiming your porch steps or deck and you know Spring is just around the coner

Weez is hoping to try a Kickstarter campaign to fund the video project but promises a special discount for all New England residents.  

Good Morning world

27 Apr

In spite of the morning chill spring is in full bloom around these parts.




Just some of the many wonderful sights on our early morning walks.

As Mr. Rogers used to sing “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”. Be sure to take notice of all the beauty that’s around you. And for cryin out loud, smile more! Have a great Friday everyone.

Brand New Day

27 Mar

Forsythia in bloom

In spite of the drastic drop in temperature from last week it still seems like spring–the season of renewal.  Especially standing in the bright sunshine and admiring the forsythia in my front yard.  And the lawn will need mowing fairly soon since the dogs are already grazing in the back yard.
As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts when the muses strike there’s no shutting them off.  The song below was written during a jammie day while in the process of losing my voice.  I managed to squeak out the last of the song before it was gone completely.  Today feels like a brand new season.

Brand New Day      Weez  November 2000

I sit by my window
as the dawn unfolds
and the night rolls back
while the stars go dim and cold
as the sun flames bright
in the Eastern skies

"As the sun flames bright"

What shall I do
with this brand new day
what difference can I make
to this world I live and love in

"Brand New Day"

I sing to the earth and trees
in the noontime hour
and the water flows darkly by
while the wind most definitely cries
as the air grows thin
over Southern skies

"and the water flows darkly by"

What shall I do
with this brand new day
what difference can I make
to this world I live and love in

"Brand New Day"

I pray to the Gods of Peace
as the evening draws near
and the sky burns red
while the hatreds of the newly dead
rise as furies loosed upon the land
under Western skies

"and the sky burns red"

What shall we do
with this brand new day
what difference can we make
to this world we all live and love in

"Brand New Day"

I dance with the moon and stars
at the midnight hour
and the night glows bright
while a sleeping world sends its
healing dreams as protective wings
o’er the Northern skies

"I dance with the moon and stars"

What shall we do
with this brand new day
what difference can we make
to this world we all live and love in

"Brand New Day"

And so I ask that we treasure each day and make what differences as we can.  What shall YOU do with each Brand New Day?