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Family Reunion across the Rainbow Bridge 

13 Feb


I recently wrote a post about my 14 year old girlie Zelda and how I felt some sadness of the passing of the years.


My Uncle Bill commented, “They have to move on to make room for others!”  I replied, “that’s why God gave us big hearts!”

Apricot Sara

I’ve frequently heard people say “I had a dog (or cat) once but I loved them so much that when I lost them I decided then I would never get another one because it was too painful.   My response has always been “I guess so, but if you lose friend or family member does that mean you never make another friend or love a family member?” Some odd responses to that question!



Each time I’ve said goodbye to a beloved, human and furry, I’ve kept their memory and lessons learned from each.  Lord knows, I still miss Digger, Cherry Merry, Agnes, Iago, Jeremiah, Kaya, Apricot Sara, Nisha and Maeve (my furry family) and of course my cousin Kevin, Grandma and Grandpa, my Dad, Aunt Pat and all of the rest of my Aunts and Uncles and friends too that have passed to a place beyond my frail human comprehension!  Sometimes I think of them all at some celestial Family Reunion with soft grass, soft warm breezes and of course fabulous food.  Love surrounds everyone with their/our dogs, cats, sheep and pony frolicking about, all part of that love!




Flash Freeze Moments…Animal style.

19 Jun

I just finished taking Frankie for a walk. I let him off his leash and gloried in his pretty little trot and his sweet looks back to make sure I was still following.

It’s still light out in spite of the hour since tomorrow is the Summer Solstice. Today is one of 2 of the longest days of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere…tomorrow being the longest. My wife reminded me what day it is, the last few months being a bit of a mish-mash in terms of time for me.

So anyway, taking Frankie for a walk started me thinking about longest memories…don’t ask…it’s just the way my mind works. Being a canine sort of being, I naturally started thinking about some of my memories of the dogs in my life.

Those flash freeze moments I can recall without effort when thinking of a particular dog. You animal lovers out there know what I mean. Actually anyone who’s ever loved anyone or thing knows what I mean!

For me it’s Sherlock the first of our Basset Hounds fiercely guarding Agnes our sheep’s shorn fleece…even with Agnes right next to him.

Jeremiah, Aunt Pat’s half lab-half wolf dog sticking his snout into my cousin Catherine’s daughter Camlyn’s carriage making sure she was alright in front of the steps of Grandma’s house.

It’s Sara the Hound Dog making like a paraplegic dog when ordered off the bed…

Zelda dancing.

Tanner with his sweet boy doggie smile.

And Frankie trotting along with his long neck and ears flying back like pigtails. It’s why we usually leave a beard and mustache when he gets groomed so folks will know he’s a he!


It’s the joy and pain of loving and being loved… especially by those we outlive!