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Following the Light 

8 Jun

One of the most fascinating things about living up here… Both through a single afternoon and through the seasons  is following the light as it slants down through the hills, vegitation and trees.  I especially like walking the land in late afternoon.  

A late afternoon spring ramble.  Oh my, it takes some scrambling to keep up with the shifting light on a daily basis!

And now for your viewing pleasure, a seasonal spectrum of the amazing light show we are fortunate to see up here.  Much less scrambling I can assure you

It is such a gift to follow the land and God’s light and grace through the seasons or even a single afternoon!


A Season of seasons

26 Feb

It will take a Season of seasons to know this place I now call home.

To know which trees or bushes start the parade of autumn and where the yellow, orange and reds are the brightest.


How shadow and light tracks along the land and in the cabin.


Where does the sun decline behind the mountain in each season? When does Orion and his dog Sirius first rise in the east and come visible to us earthbound admirers?


I have learned which directions the wind blows and what the covering of snow reveals of this slope of hill in this winter.


It has been a long and sometimes difficult fall and winter. And so the Wheel of the Year turns. I have witnessed two seasons…fourteen more to go for the full Season of seasons. A small sample size to know how the rest will unfold.

Recently I woke late in the night and unable to sleep rolled over to catch my breath in wonder. Orion and Sirius were framed neatly in the liquid velvet of the dark sky. Although the nearly full moon was not yet visible from the bedroom window, the hanging icicles glowed as if lit from within. All in the glory of the moons refracted light.

I watched the familiar stars move westward from an unfamiliar vantage point and felt comforted. Past and present with change and timelessness are bound up together in this life and this future. For now the heat of the wood stove and warm glow of light emanating from the windows keep the cold, chill winds at bay…I can’t wait to see what adventures await!


Here at CoyoteCrow Farm.

Seasons of Our Lives: Part 1

27 Dec

LOVE, love our bumpy map…now residing in our music/guest/map room!

6 months ago, this is where we lived (center of map…Pittsfield) and expected to be for a few more years. We had a 2 to 3 year plan. We had been looking at land in Washington county, NY with an eye to camp and eventually put some sort of structure up.
And 6 months ago, I suggested to my wife to look in the Berkshire Hill towns so we could continue to work where we work and stay closer to family. She pulled some website up (she’s my IT support at home) and the 4th property she looked at…as she put it “OMG, I’ve found our Dream Home!” And so now we live here! (center of map.)

Sorry Geography Nerd here…

We caught a small glimpse of Summer, witnessed Autumnal Glory,

and are heading straight into the teeth of Winter.

We are looking forward to the changing light on the different parts of our mountainside as the Wheel of the year moves through the seasons. This year of grace to contemplate will help us know what needs to be planted where and how the stars move through our heavens! A year of healing and becoming…for both us and the land.

Fridge Poetry

25 Jun

One Christmas I got a box of magnetized tiles with words on them as a gift. They were meant to go on the refrigerator to play with. I found them to be quite helpful in creating poetry. Below are a few of the ones I’ve written and saved over the years.

I happened to be reading them the other day and thought it would be fun to put them to pictures rather than music which is what I generally do with my poetry.

After the storm
let a
sun shadowed lake
produce an eternity
of still forest beauty


Chant wind and sky mist
at the garden
and sing delicate light
into true power


Dream as love in Spring visions

to soar over Summer heat

and recall the Fall whisper of music

beneath the beating of Winter’s heart