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Loving, departing, scary stuff and renewing the pledge of love!

24 Aug

It’s been quite a year up here on the mountain.  We fell in love with and bought a log cabin on 13 acres and fell in love even more with the cabin and land.  We’ve now had almost a year up here and how could we not!

And that was just fall!  As we settled in to our first winter we realize there wasn’t enough wood.  We needed to hire someone to plow and a scary new health issue reared it’s ugly head, meaning shoveling the many paths needed over and over again was challenging.  

Ya, I had to pull out my lined farmer overalls and hand knit hat and then go rest between shovelings.  It was hard on the dogs, on the chickens and us!

But Spring , early Summer, new chicks and new life arrived up here on the mountain.  So did better health, wonderful young farm hands, a new garden and a new appreciation of the slow but steady way of approaching physical labor!  We got new spring chickens this year…and well I’m not one of them!

We’ve lost a few more of our elders this year…it’s been hard as our family is so closely bonded and beloved to each other!  I know we’ve missed all of them in our own ways…I can still hear all of their voices in my head.  And now we become the elders of our nieces, nephews, grandchildren and the parents they remember.  It truely is the cycle of time and family.  I’m not sure any of you will ever know my memories and love of you all.

And then our animal companions.  Not that everyone understands this but in some cases almost as important as our ” human” family.  Chichi, Digger, Iyago, Tilly, Cherry Merry, Agnus, Sherlock, Shirly, Bernie and Charlene, Lance and Jeremiah.  Yup, I’m pretty sure these are names my siblings and cousins would remember.

Loss is coming to our home as time marches on.  Nisha the Tuxeto kitty is gone now, Maeve kitty is 17 and hanging on best she can, Zelda is almost 14, losing a bit of speed, face color and hearing, Tanner will be 11 this fall and Frankie our “baby” just turned 8!  The joy and sorrow of loving our companions…I can’t stop loving them even as I know the sorrow to come.  

I will not stop opening my heart to family and friends as I will not stop loving the animals that become part of my heart…my heart is big enough for you all!


Flash Freeze Moments…Animal style.

19 Jun

I just finished taking Frankie for a walk. I let him off his leash and gloried in his pretty little trot and his sweet looks back to make sure I was still following.

It’s still light out in spite of the hour since tomorrow is the Summer Solstice. Today is one of 2 of the longest days of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere…tomorrow being the longest. My wife reminded me what day it is, the last few months being a bit of a mish-mash in terms of time for me.

So anyway, taking Frankie for a walk started me thinking about longest memories…don’t ask…it’s just the way my mind works. Being a canine sort of being, I naturally started thinking about some of my memories of the dogs in my life.

Those flash freeze moments I can recall without effort when thinking of a particular dog. You animal lovers out there know what I mean. Actually anyone who’s ever loved anyone or thing knows what I mean!

For me it’s Sherlock the first of our Basset Hounds fiercely guarding Agnes our sheep’s shorn fleece…even with Agnes right next to him.

Jeremiah, Aunt Pat’s half lab-half wolf dog sticking his snout into my cousin Catherine’s daughter Camlyn’s carriage making sure she was alright in front of the steps of Grandma’s house.

It’s Sara the Hound Dog making like a paraplegic dog when ordered off the bed…

Zelda dancing.

Tanner with his sweet boy doggie smile.

And Frankie trotting along with his long neck and ears flying back like pigtails. It’s why we usually leave a beard and mustache when he gets groomed so folks will know he’s a he!


It’s the joy and pain of loving and being loved… especially by those we outlive!