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Of Recalibration, Gardens, Bees and the return of Spring 

2 Jun

So today I realized it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here.  But you know, Life has a way of getting in the way…wood stacking, shoveling, sweeping, doctor and dentist appointments and of course work.  I tend to get caught up in what needs to be done.  But as my beautiful wife reminded me the other day, it’s also important to take time for the things you love!

we laugh a lot…still, after 14 years…my redheaded wife and I. 

chicken antics.   

my beloved pups.  

and our crazy, hunter supreme cat…Oliver T Posh.

So in the past few weeks I’ve been trying to incorporate more of what I love into my life.  See above and below photos.

Music, photography, and walking/hiking our land with my canine and feline friends.  Some  of my favorite things!

First fire of the season a few weeks ago

Full moon rising over the hills to the east

The flowers are blooming and the first of the garden put in…that’s mostly my wife.   And after years of research and a little bit of trepidation, my honeybees have arrived and been installed.  I am now a beekeeper!

That’s a lot to be grateful for!


I’m back!

26 Mar

Looking out the back door.

Ok, I think I’m ready to re-join the world of the living bloggers!  The picture above represents how I’ve felt for the last week or so.  Sudafed, upper respiratory and throat infections will do that.
A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a growing movement to get back to some of the old skills of our grandparents and great-grandparents–canning, gardening, chicken raising, hand powered tools and herbal lore.  I also wrote of some of today’s accomplishments I wouldn’t want to be without–computers, the internet and medical advances… like antibiotics.
I tried to tough it out last week like a big girl but by Friday I realized I needed more help than the Sudafed and herbals could give me.  I could barely swallow and ate almost nothing last week.
My Doctor took one look at my throat and immediately prescribed an antibiotic and steroid.  My throat was abscessed and almost closed on one side.  I am very grateful I live in a time and place where these medicines are available.  Years ago it was called quinsy and people died of it before modern medicine.  Crazy thought that.
Not a long post tonight since I’m back to the training wheels here.  I thought I’d throw out a few observations from the past week.
I’m over the lack of snowshoeing this year.  I live in the Northeast–it will eventually snow again.

If I hadn’t been so sick last week I would have been tempted to go out kayaking.

Kayaking in Finland.

Or taking the dogs hiking.

No hesitation for spring this year as she takes her giant leap forward.  Windows have been opened for several days and nights to chase away winter’s stuffiness.  The peepers have started their nightly chorus as the stars and planets chase the spin of the heavens.
Well no hesitation til the last few days.  Last week it was in the upper 70’s during the days and 50’s at night.  Tonight’s low is expected to be 15 and tomorrow’s high 36 degrees.  The wood stove is lit cause 57 degrees inside is a bit chilly for comfort.
The skies have been exceptionally clear this week.  Just after sunset, the moon, Venus and Jupiter cling close together following the sun and Mars is bright high in the sky.  Later Orion is visible towards the western horizon with his dogs in hot  pursuit.  As the night progresses the twins of Gemini rise up and finally Scorpio with mighty Antares (not Mars) moves south as dawn approaches.

4 out of 5

There are some who think we’re a wee bit crazy for living with 3 dogs and 2 cats.  But I gotta tell  you it was a real comfort last week when 4 out of 5 of our babies would hop up on the bed to lend me warmth.  They all took turns in providing me solace when I really needed it.  I really believe they care as much for us as we do them.
Well dang it, all last week when it was so warm, not a hint of skunk smell.  I just went out with the dogs and as they were romping about the back yard (with the temp at 25 degrees) there was that smell of skunk.  Luckily, they all got back to the house when called without any skunkage.  A big Thank You to the Universe for that!

My beautiful wife.

And speaking of Thank You to the Universe, an enormous one is due for my wife.  Without her attentiveness, herbal knowledge and ability to navigate the health system it would have taken me much longer to recover… especially given how stubborn I can be in “toughing it out”.
Well that’s it for now from our little corner of the world here at CoyoteCrow Farm.  I’m hoping to get back to my daily blog now that I’m feeling somewhat “normal.”  All right, I order all of you who actually know me to stop laughing at the term “normal.”  I’m back!