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Family Reunion across the Rainbow Bridge 

13 Feb


I recently wrote a post about my 14 year old girlie Zelda and how I felt some sadness of the passing of the years.


My Uncle Bill commented, “They have to move on to make room for others!”  I replied, “that’s why God gave us big hearts!”

Apricot Sara

I’ve frequently heard people say “I had a dog (or cat) once but I loved them so much that when I lost them I decided then I would never get another one because it was too painful.   My response has always been “I guess so, but if you lose friend or family member does that mean you never make another friend or love a family member?” Some odd responses to that question!



Each time I’ve said goodbye to a beloved, human and furry, I’ve kept their memory and lessons learned from each.  Lord knows, I still miss Digger, Cherry Merry, Agnes, Iago, Jeremiah, Kaya, Apricot Sara, Nisha and Maeve (my furry family) and of course my cousin Kevin, Grandma and Grandpa, my Dad, Aunt Pat and all of the rest of my Aunts and Uncles and friends too that have passed to a place beyond my frail human comprehension!  Sometimes I think of them all at some celestial Family Reunion with soft grass, soft warm breezes and of course fabulous food.  Love surrounds everyone with their/our dogs, cats, sheep and pony frolicking about, all part of that love!




Franklin John McCarty

7 Feb


 Otherwise known as Frankie J, he is the youngest canine of our household. 

 He is also the “small” dog I never wanted. He’s 14lbs and don’t call him a little dog, never mind.

Frankie wanted nothing to do with those small tennis balls… even as a young pup… I’ll take the regular tennis ball.


 And what’s this puppy food business… I’ll eat what all the other canines in the house eat… Thank you very much!


He likes to think he’s fearless but he is a bit intimidated by a few things…chickens for instance. 

And goat videos…of all things!

He’s also not too sure of our new kitty Oliver as he’s not used to cats who actually bat at him with claws.  Our two old cats never struck out at the dogs when they harassed them.  Maeve and Nisha just meowed and ran away.

But he seems to be working at getting along with Oliver.

Frankie’s got a few more hobbies than playing ball and chasing cats.  He loves to go kayaking and hiking.

And bothering his sweet big brother Tanner.  One of the most frequent expressions heard around our house is “Frankenstein, leave your brother alone”!  Note the long suffering look on Tanners face!

But one of Frankie J’s favorite things to do is go to work with mama even when we worked in different places when we did travel PT on the other end of the state.  We call it Frankie Friday now and he’s a darn good physical therapy dog!  He should since he started when he was 2 months old and he’s 8 and a half now.

He’s pretty tired after working all day…after all it is quite exhausting being adored so much!

And he really is adored from one end of the state to the other…we call him the “Gateway Dog” since even people who don’t like dogs are charmed by him.  It’s kinda hard not to be!

Love, love, love this boy!

Loving, departing, scary stuff and renewing the pledge of love!

24 Aug

It’s been quite a year up here on the mountain.  We fell in love with and bought a log cabin on 13 acres and fell in love even more with the cabin and land.  We’ve now had almost a year up here and how could we not!

And that was just fall!  As we settled in to our first winter we realize there wasn’t enough wood.  We needed to hire someone to plow and a scary new health issue reared it’s ugly head, meaning shoveling the many paths needed over and over again was challenging.  

Ya, I had to pull out my lined farmer overalls and hand knit hat and then go rest between shovelings.  It was hard on the dogs, on the chickens and us!

But Spring , early Summer, new chicks and new life arrived up here on the mountain.  So did better health, wonderful young farm hands, a new garden and a new appreciation of the slow but steady way of approaching physical labor!  We got new spring chickens this year…and well I’m not one of them!

We’ve lost a few more of our elders this year…it’s been hard as our family is so closely bonded and beloved to each other!  I know we’ve missed all of them in our own ways…I can still hear all of their voices in my head.  And now we become the elders of our nieces, nephews, grandchildren and the parents they remember.  It truely is the cycle of time and family.  I’m not sure any of you will ever know my memories and love of you all.

And then our animal companions.  Not that everyone understands this but in some cases almost as important as our ” human” family.  Chichi, Digger, Iyago, Tilly, Cherry Merry, Agnus, Sherlock, Shirly, Bernie and Charlene, Lance and Jeremiah.  Yup, I’m pretty sure these are names my siblings and cousins would remember.

Loss is coming to our home as time marches on.  Nisha the Tuxeto kitty is gone now, Maeve kitty is 17 and hanging on best she can, Zelda is almost 14, losing a bit of speed, face color and hearing, Tanner will be 11 this fall and Frankie our “baby” just turned 8!  The joy and sorrow of loving our companions…I can’t stop loving them even as I know the sorrow to come.  

I will not stop opening my heart to family and friends as I will not stop loving the animals that become part of my heart…my heart is big enough for you all!

Settling In at CoyoteCrow Farm

22 Nov

While Elizabeth and I are still working at emptying boxes making this new beautiful space our own, the animals are settling in…each in their own way!

Maeve being the cat and incarnation of Bast hangs out pretty much where she wants to even unto the dog beds!




Tanner meanwhile is grateful for everything! Note the wolffish grin!



And if anyone wonders why Zelda is so skinny, it’s because she is constantly doing laps around the place…we’re wondering how many pedometers it would take to accurately measure the miles! She does occasionally rest, usually with a baby of some sort and is always the last one to accompany me upstairs to bed at night.





His Royal Frankie-ness takes advantage of his size to sit where he fits. We’ve had to add extra sleeping arrangements on the hearth since he and Maeve kept vying for the same warm spot!




The Chicken Palace has finally been moved up the mountain but the Chickens have to make do with their FEMA trailer coop until the palace is completely predator proofed. They are loving their new home!





But 3 out of 4 of the indoor critters agree the best seat in the house is right next to the roaring warmth of the wood stove!

Zelda is too busy pacing!

Happy Sigh!

13 May

Long week, long drive home. But I’m back home with my peeps…my wife and friends, my dog, cat and chicken peeps. I can feel my psyche, nerves, and body softening and relaxing already.

All 5 dogs and cats are in the same room hanging out resting through the night with us. Makes me happy. No chickens however… even I draw the line somewhere. Besides, I’m canine natured not avian like my wife.

I will visit and respond more tomorrow. Hei, hei and kiitos for dropping by to all my Finnish family and friends.




Doggone Tired!

10 May

This is being posted this morning instead of last night because I suddenly woke up in my chair halfway through a sentence. Now that’s doggone tired! Have a nice rainy day all.

Luckily for some reason I woke up at 5 this morning. I looked at the clock and dimly wondered why it wasn’t ringing. Then I realized it was supposed to be ringing and I needed to be getting up. I eventually took a closer look at the clock and had indeed set it wrong for 5 PM.

My wife generally takes care of setting clocks and other gizmos that may require reading directions to set and then tries to show me how. This is where our 20 year difference in age can come to loggerheads. Since I didn’t grow up with this technology and not to mention a bit stubborn about figuring things out my way I can be a bit of a Neo-Luddite.

The funny thing is I’m kind of a iPod genius. I know, I know genius has its own rules. Just don’t hand me a TV remote!

I literally stumbled out of bed to face the day. Frankie had other ideas and crawled back under the covers. The Nuns and Drill Sergeants would have disapproved of my bed-making this morning but I need not have to answer to either of those entities any more. So the Frankie-sized lump stayed put until it was time for his morning walk.

I left at 6:30 am and arrived back home at 7:40 pm. A very long day indeed. Only 3 more and I can go home to my wife, dogs, cats and chickens. If this sounds like a recurring theme it’s because it is.

Everything is ready for the morning; clothes out, dinner eaten and lunch and breakfast prepared and meds lined up for the morrow. Just my way of making a shorter morning.


Ticked Off

18 Apr

Shaggy Frankie went to the groomer today. Although I like the scruffy look that he often sports, it becomes more to difficult to manage when the warm weather arrives. We call him Mr Swiffer at times… For good reason!

His hair–especially his beard picks up all kinds of stuff: leaves, feathers, burdocks, paper wrappers and clumps of dog fur. But worst of all ticks can hide out for days in his hair. And it’s really hard to remove them when his hair is long.

This is going to be a very bad year for fleas and ticks. The winter was so mild it didn’t kill them off. It’s already been bad. I’ve pulled almost a dozen ticks off our little dude in a week an a half.

So a haircut was in order. I have no way to upload a picture of his newest do until I get to my home computer this weekend. But until then here’s an earlier haircut picture.

The groomer out here in Lexington did a nice job from a picture on my phone. He’s looking pretty darn good. I’ve even caught him smiling a few times tonight.

Hump day is here and it’s a downhill slope to getting home this weekend to see Elizabeth, Zelda, Tanner, Maeve, Nisha and the chickens. In other words, my family. Home Sweet Home!

Missing Family and Homestead!

12 Apr

That’s our buddy Steve working on siding our house a few years ago being supervised by Zelda our eldest dog. (she’s 10 now… Where do the years go!). Z-dog absolutely adores “Uncle Steve”. As his daughter puts it “my dad is Zelda’s sweetheart”.

During my nightly phone call with my wife last night, Elizabeth mentioned that while she and Steve were working on the chicken coop yesterday Zelda was practically glued to him. Sometimes I think she’d leave us for him!


That’s our sweet, sweet boy Tanner. My layoff from work last year hurt him the most I think. He was a so called 3 time loser when we adopted him from the Humane Society. A few weeks of training and he took to being a PT dog like a duck to water. Actually Mr Pretty Paws hates getting wet. So think of a similar analogy but without water!


Our beautiful Maeve kitty. She loves to race me to the bathroom from wherever she is in the house just to sit with almost doglike adoration at my feet. Yeah, I know… weird.


Miss Top Cat, Nisha. The only one in the house who doesn’t acknowledge me as Top Dog. It wasn’t til Elizabeth came along that I understood our difficulties at the beginning of our relationship. As one who has a dog soul I had no idea cats didn’t think the same way.


My beautiful, beloved wife Elizabeth. Our individual talents and understanding of life complement each other astoundingly. The way we found each other is nothing short of a miracle of universal proportions. Because there is no way we would have found one another any other way than the improbable way We did. I swear to you it was FATE plain and simple.


I’m a bit bummed I’m missing the rapid growth of our chicks to chickens. From what I understand this is the time they grow and change the most. In all probability I won’t recognize them next weekend they’ll have changed that much.

We all do what we have to at this time to make us stronger as a family. But don’t doubt for a moment our love and commitment to each other or our goals and ideals here at CoyoteCrow Farm.

Snow Impressions

1 Mar

The night belongs to the snow.

Frankie jumping through the snow like a jack rabbit in his winter coat.

Frankie's found a stick just his size!

Tanner with the thickest natural fur coat, hates the cold and the wet the most.

I don't care how many coats I have... I'd rather be by the fire.

Zelda in the snow bounds like a deer.  She also enjoys creating doggie snow angels.

I don't need no stinkin' coat... I ain't no wussy dog like my brother Tanner!

Nisha and Maeve are with Tanner on this... They'd rather be inside!

And all of the Garden St family are grateful for the nice warm fire of our wood stove.

The family hearth

May you all be as fortunate as us in the comfort of warmth and family on this snowy night.