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True Norths Gloaming

25 Jun

True Norths gloaming
True Norths Gloaming June 25, 2015

Into the not yet night I walk
The sound of gravel underneath
As I stride thru the tall pines
At the edge of open I stop
To hear the stillness
Of True Norths Gloaming

The sting of the wind has ceased
As bird clamor dies down
While the heat of the day dissipates
Leaving air cool and dew wet
Grass tickling my legs
In the True Norths Gloaming

Stepping forward again
I ponder the complexities
In the changing light
Smell the deep and close forest
Rich with earth and water
All bound by True Norths Gloaming

Walking the edges of shadow and light
The pristine shades between
Day and night with farm dogs
Gathering scents from the land
Herding chickens to coop and sleep
In the True Norths Gloaming
But the ominous rising sound
Of insects awakened
With the dawning of night
Turns me quickly back
To seek shelter from the
Fading of True Norths Gloaming