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Chop Your Way to Success

10 Mar

“Four days into my new exercise regime and I’m feeling and seeing results” says Weez McCarty of Western Massachusetts who is thinking of producing a new Exercise Video: Chop Your Way to Success.  Her wife Elizabeth was skeptical at first, calling Weez her “crazy wife” and worried that the hour a day seemed excessive.  Some on Facebook even liked and commented along with Elizabeth.  However there was no denying the lack of water seepage into the guest/music room, the ever expansive view of the deck or the trimmer new Weez.

“It’s not an easy routine but boy it is so satisfying to get after it day by day” says Weez.

Weez went on to say “it’s been such a long snowy winter, and I’ve  spent so much time on the couch I was beginning to get cabin fever.  Weez and Elizabeth do indeed live in a log cabin.

Weez complained of not feeling like herself with no fire wood to stack, all the snow paths shoveled and only one snowshoe outing this winter.


Weez listed some of the benefits of her new workout.

-no need to join a gym or for expensive equipment                                                                                                                 

-You can workout in your Jammies although boots and gloves are advisable.                                                                                                                                                                                       

-a total body exercise combining cardio and strength training                                                                                             

-and as an added bonus you see imediate results in reclaiming your porch steps or deck and you know Spring is just around the coner

Weez is hoping to try a Kickstarter campaign to fund the video project but promises a special discount for all New England residents.