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A matter of balance

31 Oct

backyard blizzard

Last year at this time we were digging out after the Halloween weekend blizzard.  Little did we know it would be the last substantial snowfall of the winter.  Today many of us are cleaning up after the wind, rain, fallen trees and branches of “Superstorm Sandy”.  How like October.
Impressionistic October
October can make me think of every season.  Indian Summer, green leaves morphing into autumnal colors, spring cold naked branches and wild winter blizzards all in the same month.  I live in New England because I love having all 4 seasons.  No wonder October is my favorite of the year.
And Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  Samhain as the Celts called this day marked the end of the harvest season before the winter dark descended upon the world.  It was a time of honoring beloved ones passed beyond the veil, of stock-taking and preparing for the cold months.
I have found myself doing just that for the last few weeks.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my loved ones who are gone and working on balancing the various aspects of my life.  Taking stock if you will.

family cemetery

This has been an odd sort of year for me.  I worked for 5 months away from home as a traveling physical therapy assistant (PTA) and filled in as per diem in several nearby facilities.  But I haven’t had a permanent position in a year and a half.  It has been unsettling as I’ve never gone this long without the security of a full time job.


Reintegrating back into the rhythms of home after 5 months away has taken some time.  I have felt out of balance and not taking care of myself as I should.  It has been something of a struggle to leave the house and interact with the world.  There is a tendency to retreat and neglect the very things that nourish and re-balance me.

A beautiful workshop Saturday at our favorite farm reminded me again of the power in each of us to find balance.  It’s not the same for everyone.  Exercise, being outside especially with animals, music, cooking, companionship of like-minded folks and of course writing are part of my balancing act.


Tonight I sat outside with Count Dogula AKA Frankie conversing with neighbors and passing out candy to their kids. I indulged my 11 year old self by wearing my muskrat fur hat along with my handmade coyote mask.

Halloween ritual

It felt like another step towards self nourishment.  As does writing again.  And tomorrow night I’m cooking a dinner of buffalo steak and potatoes from our garden for date night with my wife.

Full moon above home.

May you take the steps to find what you need for your center.  May you find the spark and shelter of love and companionship.  And may you all stay safe and warm during the coming months of cold and dark.  That is my Samhain prayer for myself and for all of you.