Thinking about home…

26 Jul

Within all the craziness of trying to figure out my temporary life, I’m still in here. This odd and changing world of mine is designated to end in a month. Frankie and I have basically the same motto these days.

The last time I spent 5 months away from my primary residence with only a few visits home was in my mid-teens Catholic boarding school living with less than 50 girls and the nuns on the coast of Maine.

The Catholic boarding school with the nuns on the coast of Maine is another post entirely but it is a bit ironic that I’m living and working on the coast so far from home again, first in Danvers and now Plymouth, Massachusetts.

While I love the sea very much and need to visit at least once or twice a year (Pisces here!) I find I’m missing the hills of home terribly.

And although this has been a marvelous opportunity for Frankie and I to bond even closer, I think he misses the other dogs… Tanner and Zelda

And the cats… Nisha and Maeve.

As well as the chickens… both to watch

and to stalk more than the hills!

But I think it’s the steadfastness and the feeling of completeness that my wife Elizabeth (Frankie’s other Mama) and our life together on CoyoteCrow Farm that we miss most of all!


Hang in there, Honey… We’ll be home soon!


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