Sweet things.

20 Jun

The air conditioner in my car died several years ago but I never got it fixed. I had a lot of excuses… it was going to be expensive and I didn’t really need it because I could always open the windows like we did when I was a kid. Plus, I felt kind of righteous cause it saves gas not using a/c.

It’s been an odd spring weather wise. Sort of like that box of chocolates Forrest Gump talks about in the movie… you never know what you’re gonna get. Rain, no rain for a month or so, heat wave in the 80’s and 90’s and chilly enough for a coat and then rain again. My Tilly rain hat has gotten a lot of wear lately. (I don’t care how goofy it looks… it keeps the rain off my neck!)

But as has been mentioned in earlier posts, the traffic patterns out on this end of the state are drastically different. At home a traffic jam consists of 15 cars trying to take a left onto West St… out here in the more populous part of the state, normal traffic looks like this.

Without a/c during the stop and go of normal commuting traffic in the heat opening all the windows doesn’t help at all. Now it just adds truck, bus and car fumes. It also explains some road rage episodes.

So I have been judiciously opening up my car windows in short bursts as absolutely needed. A few weeks ago the windows were open for a last fast stretch of highway. As I turned off the exit for work I was hit with the sweet, sweet smell of clover in bloom.

At that moment all of the crazy rushing and anxiety of traffic and getting to work on time dropped away. I was instantly brought back to the lazy summer days of lying in the fields of my childhood. It carried me through my day of non-stop work. Somehow it put everything in perspective.

Since then I have consciously searched each day for that sweet thing that will do that same perspective moment. It might be the “Ah, Ha” of a patient grasping what I’m trying to teach. A welcome bit of shade on a hot day or sitting in a warm patch of sun on a cool windy day. The twinkling of an 88 year old’s eye as she asks where are the flashing bouncy balls I bought in Walmart for a dollar a piece.

Sweet things happen all the time if we just take the time to look or hear or smell or feel or taste! Today it was the gratitude of borrowing my father-in-law’s vehicle with A/C to drive to and from work. Tonight it was watching Frankie chase loudly teasing birds across the fields and parking lot of the middle school up the street. He was so certain he could catch them.

Today was the Summer Solstice… the first day of Summer. And boy did it arrive with a bang-zoom! Yesterday the temp was in the 70’s… today it was 97.

The grace of each day is finding those sweet things. Look hard my friends… they are well worth finding.






5 Responses to “Sweet things.”

  1. Elizabeth June 20, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

    Reblogged this on Reaching for Nonsense and commented:
    My wife says it all.

  2. KnitPickyinPA - Ravelry June 20, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

    Hot here in PA too! I try hard not to turn on the a/c. I am in the country and enjoy the breeze. So far OK with the oscillating fan. 🙂
    Just wanted to shout a hello to you both! You take the greatest pictures. I enjoy seeing them! Yes, summer is here and the hot weather! Oh well…….. As long as I can enjoy my ice cold drink of green tea and water! LOL …….

    • weezmccarty June 21, 2012 at 6:16 am #

      Thank you. I need to follow your example and drink more water. Stay cool in PA:)

  3. Kate June 21, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    Nice Weez. How are you guys doing?

    • weezmccarty June 21, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

      Hi Kate,
      Thanks Kate. We are well… hanging in there. Just over a month til this assignment is finished and I can head home to help with the harvest and perserving for a few weeks.

      You ought to go check out the chickens… they are getting to be big young ladies. Have Elizabeth show you our Zelda doing her chicken herding. It’s pretty funny.

      Hope all is well with you, Martha and the babies. I’ll be in touch when I’m home.

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