The Night World according to the ancient Greeks and Gods!

6 Jun

Sorry I’ve been among the missing for he past week or so but I’ ve been held hostage to some of Herr Jung’s archetypes… also known as the gods and goddesses of mythology.   Who by the way are alive and well in the here and now in ways not always recognized in today’s post religious, modern technological world.   Our roots run much deeper than we like to believe.

Nyx,  Hypnos and Morpheus, as well as Argon and Zelos  have all made their appearance recently to the detriment in some ways of my “real waking world”  this past week in no special order.


Hypnos arriving

Morphheus  aadvances

I will explain further tomorrow when I am able  providing I get enough time to hang with Hypnos between now and then.  Til then exit this night through the gates of polished horn for the truthful, prophetic dreams rather than the false dreams of ivory exit.  DREAM well my friends… Dream well!


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