12 Miles from Boston

18 May

All day long I’m surrounded by people. Even during my commute, only they’re in separate vehicles, moving in death defying patterns and at break neck speeds. It leads to brain cramping, hectic days… all on hard concrete floors.

Most nights I’m fortunate in taking Frankie for his last evening walk towards a nearby school. It means a lovely end to these long days.

My feet step on grass and earth, my ears fill with the sound of peepers. My lungs pull in outdoor air and my face lifts up to see the sky. All 12 miles from Boston. And yes, sometimes I can still hear the traffic noise of Rte 128 and lately my shoulders hunch against the damp and the rain.

But it doesn’t matter… I’m able to touch and feel something not man made. Alone with nature and my dog. How amazing is that! And for a country mouse like me it makes not being in my element easier.



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