Doggone Tired!

10 May

This is being posted this morning instead of last night because I suddenly woke up in my chair halfway through a sentence. Now that’s doggone tired! Have a nice rainy day all.

Luckily for some reason I woke up at 5 this morning. I looked at the clock and dimly wondered why it wasn’t ringing. Then I realized it was supposed to be ringing and I needed to be getting up. I eventually took a closer look at the clock and had indeed set it wrong for 5 PM.

My wife generally takes care of setting clocks and other gizmos that may require reading directions to set and then tries to show me how. This is where our 20 year difference in age can come to loggerheads. Since I didn’t grow up with this technology and not to mention a bit stubborn about figuring things out my way I can be a bit of a Neo-Luddite.

The funny thing is I’m kind of a iPod genius. I know, I know genius has its own rules. Just don’t hand me a TV remote!

I literally stumbled out of bed to face the day. Frankie had other ideas and crawled back under the covers. The Nuns and Drill Sergeants would have disapproved of my bed-making this morning but I need not have to answer to either of those entities any more. So the Frankie-sized lump stayed put until it was time for his morning walk.

I left at 6:30 am and arrived back home at 7:40 pm. A very long day indeed. Only 3 more and I can go home to my wife, dogs, cats and chickens. If this sounds like a recurring theme it’s because it is.

Everything is ready for the morning; clothes out, dinner eaten and lunch and breakfast prepared and meds lined up for the morrow. Just my way of making a shorter morning.



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