THAT kind of day, huh!

4 May
Heading home 2 nights ago after work, I was halfway ’round that peculiar New England institution known as the rotary or round-about.  Simultaneously, two yellow trouble lights lit up, the temperature gauge went rocketing into the red and I lost my power steering.
Somehow I managed to wrestle the car out of the rotary  and end up in a Friendly’s restaurant parking lot. Thank God it wasn’t in the fast lane on the highway. Oh, those silver linings  again.  Opened up the owner’s manual long enough to realize the lights meant something bad about the coolant system.
I had  been heading to a local diner to eat.  Once I figured there was nothing I could do, I went in to do just that.  My mind slowed down as I fed it and breathed deeply as I advise my patients to do when panicked.
In spite of myself, I’m surprised every time by how well that advice works.  I let go of the enormous “WTF!” to the Universe.  Needed to be done in order to make necessary phone calls and prioritize tasks of importance over the next 12-15 hours.
When the AAA driver arrived and got out of his tow truck, his first words were whats up in this Post’s title.  My reply, “it’s been a hell of a day!”  “The look on your face said it all,” he said back.
And then proceeded to hook up my car, take me and my car to a nearby garage, give me the name  of a car rental place and drop me and my gear off at my hotel. Keep passing it along dude, the Universe will recognize and reward it.  Trust me, someone is keeping score!
Now on to the better part of my day.  My new coworkers were very sympathetic to my tardiness and traumatic plight.  I’m starting to sort out who’s who.
One of them who lives close to where I’m staying is going to pick me up for work this morning.  So I only needed a rental car for one day.
But the bestest part of the day was getting to hang out with some of the over 90’s crowd.  They got that way by being stubborn, funny and feisty.
One 98 year old informed me she was born a month before England declared war against Germany… in 1914, and her grandfather  was in the Civil War… for the North of course she said tartly, when I asked her which side.
She is unabashedly  a liberal feminist UU with a great sense of humor and a stubbornness to match my own.  After testing me a bit, her roommate declared to my patient she had  finally met her match.  Maybe, maybe not, it can be difficult to to match wits  with such a wily crowd.
And in spite of his oxygen tubing another patient practically chased me and the occupational therapist working with me into the hallway with the foam swords… a fun and effective way to work on balance and endurance.
Yeah, that over 90’s crowd sure know how to teach some of us young ones (I’m 56) how to have fun.  I really do love my work.
And it’s off to work I go right now.  May everyone get joy from whatever work you do.

2 Responses to “THAT kind of day, huh!”

  1. Aquaponic Family May 5, 2012 at 11:08 am #

    That was one heck of a day…from one extreme to the other. Glad to hear it got better for you.

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