24 Apr

My wife hit the nail on the head… as usual.

Reaching for Nonsense

We got some startling news yesterday.  Not exactly good, and not exactly bad, but news that means more change for us.  I can’t be more specific yet, but I will when I can.  There’s been a lot of change in the air and in our lives lately, and it shakes me up every time.  Some people recover quickly from those kinds of things, and some of us take longer to adjust. 

What it comes down to, and what I cling to, is that I trust Weez, who is my rock; I trust our marriage, and I trust the team we make when we face things together.  And above all, I trust God, by all the names we call Her, and I know that there is an abundance of goodness in the world.  We will always have everything we need, if not everything we want. 

Blessed be.

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