Ticked Off

18 Apr

Shaggy Frankie went to the groomer today. Although I like the scruffy look that he often sports, it becomes more to difficult to manage when the warm weather arrives. We call him Mr Swiffer at times… For good reason!

His hair–especially his beard picks up all kinds of stuff: leaves, feathers, burdocks, paper wrappers and clumps of dog fur. But worst of all ticks can hide out for days in his hair. And it’s really hard to remove them when his hair is long.

This is going to be a very bad year for fleas and ticks. The winter was so mild it didn’t kill them off. It’s already been bad. I’ve pulled almost a dozen ticks off our little dude in a week an a half.

So a haircut was in order. I have no way to upload a picture of his newest do until I get to my home computer this weekend. But until then here’s an earlier haircut picture.

The groomer out here in Lexington did a nice job from a picture on my phone. He’s looking pretty darn good. I’ve even caught him smiling a few times tonight.

Hump day is here and it’s a downhill slope to getting home this weekend to see Elizabeth, Zelda, Tanner, Maeve, Nisha and the chickens. In other words, my family. Home Sweet Home!


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