Holy Day of Obligation

5 Apr

Oldest Catholic Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

To the millions of Roman Catholics around the world today is Maundy Thursday of Holy Week.  One of the most important days of the Liturgical calendar year.  It commemorates the last supper of Jesus with his disciples before his Death and Resurrection  on Easter Sunday.  It is a Holy Day of Obligation.
However for other millions it is also a Holy Day of Obligation because it’s the Red Sox Opening Day of the 2012 baseball season.  I got a lot of thumbs up from folks and even a wave, a nod and smile from a police officer on duty on North Street as I drove by a road construction site.

I try to get to Fenway Park to catch a game at least once a year.

I was wearing my official Red Sox jacket and green baseball cap with the old fashion red B.  Yes, I am a true red blooded 3rd generation member of Red Sox Nation.  My Grandmother rooted for Babe Ruth in a Red Sox uniform.  This is a special season because Fenway park is the oldest and turns 100 years old this year.

Hand knit Red Sox.

Even a broken ankle couldn't stop my Red Sox love!

I make the entire family participate in the celebration of the return of baseball.

The dogs are all decked out for opening day.

The dogs are pretty good natured about it bit the cats are like, “Why are you doing this and we hate you for it!”

Maeve is a so-so fan.

Nisha is so NOT a fan.

My wife likes to say she’s a Red Sox fan by marriage.

Yeah, that's a pink hat.

Heck, we even have the stuffed animals getting into the act!

In memory of our Beloved Apricot Sara.

So for me today the excitement of finishing the chicken coop and the coming chickens on Saturday and the impending start of a new job on Monday all take a total back seat.  Elizabeth however has the predator proof bathroom brooder all set up and planted more seeds for the garden.  I guess it’s kind of good she’s not as obsessed about baseball as I am.  But you know what they say about gardeners and Baseball fans (especially Red Sox fans)… Hope springs eternal!

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