Updates: Chicken coop and Job status

3 Apr

Digging holes in the back yard.

Hard to believe but this is the beginning of the back yard Deluxe Chicken Coop.  Just a quick word here about my buddy Steve who’s building our chicken coop.  He and I have been friends since school in the mid 90’s.  He was taught the construction business from his Dad and then went back to school to be a PTA.  We’ve been friends ever since.
I got him his last PTA job and he’s done a fair bit of on the side construction work around our home over the years.  Now Steve has got his quirks like all of us but dang if he isn’t an absolute artist when it comes to building stuff.  The rock below he wrestled out while digging for the chicken coop posts.  Not something my wife and I could have done.

An enormous rock dug out from the back yard.

In fact he’s a perfectionist when it comes to his PTA and building craft.  My wife and I as well as a number of others would rather have him do our home projects than anyone else.  He’s just that good.

Aligning it just right.

Yeah, just right.

My job has been to stain and stain again the framework that Steve’s already built.

Here's how a deluxe chicken coop begins.

There was more to the framework than I imagined.

More framework.

Tomorrow I’ll help put the framework together on the cinder blocks and then the roof will get attached.  The week old chicks Elizabeth and I will pick up on Saturday in our NEW truck will have a truly deluxe home after they’ve grown a bit.

Finally, there's a truck in the family again!

We traded in the Rav 4 today because she wasn’t serving the needs of CoyoteCrow Farm (CCF) any more.  The Rav just wasn’t big enough to haul bales of straw and cubits of soil for our chicken and gardening requirements .  And as my wife knows I’ve been whining about having a truck again since she’s known me.
As for my travel PTA job that starts on Monday, the paperwork train keeps rolling merrily along.  I’m keeping up as best as I can with all the requirements.  It’s slowly getting actually real to me I’m going to be mostly away from home for 3 months.  My heart is becoming more loving to my wife, my friends and the dogs and cats I’m leaving behind.
As the Bob Marley song says, “every little thing gonna be alright”.  My Irish/Italian heart knows this is true.  After so many gypsy years in my younger days and then being in one place for the last 15 years I feel a bit disconcerted.  Like my Elizabeth I am comforted in knowing I’ll be with family during my time away.  But still… I’m gonna miss my home and loved ones.

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