Life gets hectic at times.

3 Apr

Here's what hectic looks like.

OK it’s official… life has become more hectic than usual right now!  In less than a week (April 9th) I’ll start a new employment adventure otherwise known as my first PTA travel job.
Over the past few days there’s been an incredible amount of back and forth phone calls, emails and faxes to get all the information to where it needs to go.
My recruiter Ashley has been very supportive, patient, and informative as to what needs doing.  And luckily for me this is an area where my wife excels.
In addition to gathering all this medical, legal and professional history for the new job, I’ve been helping our talented buddy Steve put together the deluxe chicken coop for the back yard.  Did I mention Elizabeth and I are attending a chicken workshop and getting 6 chicks this Saturday coming?
The chicks will be living in the downstairs bathtub to begin with but eventually will be living in the back yard.  Pest control this summer and fresh home laid eggs in 6 months.  How cool is that!

Back yard chickens during my Honduras trip.

Apparently they’re easier than dogs and hens don’t need Roosters to lay eggs… just to fertilize them.  After spending 2 1/2 weeks volunteering in Honduras this summer and not sleeping for days I can assure you they start crowing at 3 am not dawn.  Did I mention there are chickens and roosters every where in the area I stayed in down in Honduras?
So if any of our chicks are boys their names will be Dinner.  I have names for my 3 hens already–in honor of my life long love of  Star Trek.  Uhura, T’Pol and Seven of Nine.  After 2 years of my wife’s gentle but persistent persuasion I’m all on board now.  Chickens-r-us!  Our little CoyoteCrow Farm is growing.

Working on another family reunion.

And in the middle of all this I’m trying to pull together another Clan Gathering for June.  I seem to have become the heir apparent to my Aunt Pat.  Some of my cousins have taken to naming me Aunt Pat 2.0 since I have all the email contacts for the family.
Aunt Pat was known as the family BVS (Bureau of Vital Statistics).  I’m very excited about this gathering as it will be centrally located at my cousin Mary’s home and it looks like it will be well attended by family from around the country.
We are a close knit and loving family from the Aunts and Uncles down through the cousins kids and grand kids.  I can’t wait to see them all.  Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome.

Me, Rob and Trish at Grandma's house

Me and my full siblings… aren’t we adorable.  We still are… just sayin’  BTW, behind this couch was my very first “Fort”.

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