Changes are a coming

2 Apr
Life is usually predictable… you know these are the days you’re scheduled to work, this is when vacuuming, laundry and wood stacking are gonna happen.  And then BAM all of a sudden your ordinary life changes.  Have your circumstances and events ever become unpredictable and completely out of your control?  Well yeah, that’s kind of what’s happened in the last 2 weeks for me.


First I got sicker than I’ve been since I was a kid… I’m on my second course of antibiotics at this point.  I also promised a coworker to cover him at work this week while he took time off…  still not feeling right but hey a commitment is just that.  And then after 3 months of trying to find a traveling physical therapy job I got a long awaited opportunity.

Unexpected opportunity

I’ve been saying to my recruiters, “Just get me a phone interview and I’ll take it from there.”  I got my first interview and now I have a 13 week travel PT job on the North Shore of Boston.  Thanks to my awesome In-Laws’ generous offer I’ll be staying with them during the week and coming home on the weekends.  It’s a 2 1/2 hour commute.

They love their grand dogs not just Z-dog.

Our travel dog Frankie will stay with us during the week.  (He’s small like travel shampoo or toothpaste.) My wife is afraid if I don’t have a dog with me on a daily basis we’ll end up with a 4th dog ’cause I won’t be able to be dogless for that long.  My In-Laws agree with that plus they love their grand dogs.

Frankie the ultimate gateway (drug) I mean dog!

Even though I’ve adapted to more change in my lifetime than most people it doesn’t mean I’m completely immune to it.  I’m a fairly confident adult in my talents and skills.  But there’s a bit of anxiety in leaving my daily routine and home environment for the unknown.  And being a country mouse I’m also anxious about the traffic and commute of the Boston area.

The Unknown

But this I do know, I will do well with whatever happens in the next 3 months…  It is nothing compared to where I have been and I know I can endure anything for 13 weeks.  I will miss my Wife, my dogs and cats left behind and my home terribly.  But I do this for us and what we have.  And there’s a very good chance I will enjoy it as well in my Irish lucky way.


There’s also a chance I’ll be napping quite a bit for the first few weeks of Boston area commuting and 40 hr work weeks.  I ask that those of you who are following along with my blog adventure to hang in with me.  I will continue to share my journey as often as I can but change is just that… change and I can only promise to roll with it as best as I can!

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