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30 Apr
When I got the news that my new assignment would be in Plymouth 60 miles south of Lexington I immediately let my recruiter know I would be needing housing.  I couldn’t imagine how I would handle the new commute.  Everyone around me said OMG find some way to get closer for the duration.  That commute has killer traffic and takes well over an hour.
So I did.  This week I’m staying at a hotel a couple of towns away.  Only Frankie has stayed back in Lexington.  Yes, you heard me right… I am DOG-LESS… for a whole week.  I already miss my little dude.
In a conversation earlier this evening with my wife, I promised no dogs no dog way.  Honey, you’d be proud of me.  I just turned off the sound and walked away from a Humane Society advertisement on TV… The one with the cute puppies.  I only caught a tiny glimpse, honest.
I got up extra early this morning and took the dreaded ride Lexington to Plymouth although I don’t actually start working until tomorrow.  To my surprise (and everyone I spoke to) I left early enough to beat the worst of it and arrive in just under an hour.
This relieved a big part of the anxiety of the last week.  It would have been difficult to uproot me and Frankie yet again.  As long as I leave early enough I think it’s doable.
I will stay here at the hotel this week and get used to my new working digs without the distraction of the longer commute and my dog.  (Thanks M&D)  But starting next week I’ll drive the extra distance and time so we can stay in a familiar, safe place with family we love and I don’t run the risk of being dog-less for too long.
And we all know what that might lead too… in fact I think I had a weird dream last night about an animal shelter!!

Sorry about the lack of pictures tonight and any other weirdness that might be part of the post tonight but apparently this wi-fi connection doesn’t support my WordPress app.

Without the app I don’t have access to all that’s on my iPad.  I will remedy this ASAP since I know some of you like the way my pictures relate to the story.  No worries… All will be well.


Tilty World

29 Apr

Trying to stay level in a tilty world. Not easy my friends.

But if anyone can do it I figure it’s me. Hell, being from a childhood that included a mother with mental health issues, 3 grade schools, 3 high schools and 2 colleges as well as 6 years of Army National guards being the new kid on the block was a lot tilty and just the way the world operated.

Fortunately it all seemed normal and Thank God I’m Irish and have inherited the gift of the gab and ability to makes connections quickly.

Take it from me it really does make the world an easier place to maneuver about and still remain true to your ideals and life/soul obligations to do right by the immediate world around you.

Good thing because it’s been that kind of week! I finished my 13 week North Shore contract 10 weeks early and start my next “13” weeks 60 miles away on the South Shore. And dang it happened fast. Hopefully my next assignment will be as good as the first one. I start on Tuesday morning. I will have time and energy tomorrow to detail the complications.

At least I’ll still be near the sea. Until tomorrow sleep safe and well.

Good Morning world

27 Apr

In spite of the morning chill spring is in full bloom around these parts.




Just some of the many wonderful sights on our early morning walks.

As Mr. Rogers used to sing “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”. Be sure to take notice of all the beauty that’s around you. And for cryin out loud, smile more! Have a great Friday everyone.

All will be well!

25 Apr

I find myself very grateful tonight for so many good things and people in my life. Even though I am leaving an almost perfect situation for my first traveling PTA job it has given me confidence to move onto the next one.

A big thank you to the staff especially the Rehab Team for making it easy to fit in so quickly. I feel like I’ve made some real connections there and there’s already been talk of road trips down to my new placement on the South Shore and out to the Berkshire’s this summer.

Being able to spend this time with M&D my in-laws has been a real gift for both Frankie and myself. They have offered to keep Frankie here for the next week til I get situated in my new digs and job. They have been so generous with their home and time. Frankie and I are going to miss them greatly when we move.

I am thankful too for my company recruiter (A.L.) and company for reacting so quickly to the changing situation and getting me a new job and place to live so as to make the transition as smooth as possible. In fact my wife wants to send A.L. flowers for taking such good care of me!

As always I appreciate the love and support of my family and friends. They mean the world to me. And of course, my wife Elizabeth is always foremost in my love and thoughts. Thanks, Babe for holding our center, our home together while the world spins madly about us. All will be well!

Oh, and I’m really thankful we have our small third of an acre CoyoteCrow Farm that will in a few months produce with some hard work our very own home grown fruits and vegetables. Not to mention in 5 or 6 months some backyard grazing chickens laying more than enough eggs to eat and sell.

You Go Girls!!!

Be like water and fit whatever shape surrounds you. A Zen way of looking at change.

25 Apr

Ok, this my third try at a post tonight. Somehow I’ve lost the first two. I’ll try to resurrect them again soon but not this tired night.

Suffice to say there are some unexpected changes coming in the next week. I’m moving on to a new assignment on Monday. I will finish this one to the last bit of paperwork and goodbyes and start the new one to the very best of myself. It’s the influence of the nuns that still sit on my shoulders. Just ask my wife about the nun influence!

While I am a little anxious about this newness of place and employment, I know it will all work out as it should. I believe in my Irish luck, my McCarty charm, and the faith of my wife, family and friends. I also believe each of us has an ultimate purpose in this life time. Be like water even in the most changeable of times. Water always finds its own level and shape but does not change its ultimate nature.


24 Apr

My wife hit the nail on the head… as usual.

Reaching for Nonsense

We got some startling news yesterday.  Not exactly good, and not exactly bad, but news that means more change for us.  I can’t be more specific yet, but I will when I can.  There’s been a lot of change in the air and in our lives lately, and it shakes me up every time.  Some people recover quickly from those kinds of things, and some of us take longer to adjust. 

What it comes down to, and what I cling to, is that I trust Weez, who is my rock; I trust our marriage, and I trust the team we make when we face things together.  And above all, I trust God, by all the names we call Her, and I know that there is an abundance of goodness in the world.  We will always have everything we need, if not everything we want. 

Blessed be.

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Poetry in Pictures

23 Apr



Standing in a dream I think I know you
your motions slow without direction
speak of things in contemplation
it lends an air of conformation
in this dream do you know me too


Colors stream in bands of ten
handheld thoughts in contradiction
of the only flash of explanation
sudden events leave no sensation
of how or why or when


Images form then retrace
star routes followed to completion
as sounds revolve into rotation
and hands resolve out of mutation
clutched holding in embrace


Dawn breaks and slowly I awaken
invoked emotions clamor for attention
as memory struggles with realization
I reach for pen and paper in summation
of where my dream self has been taken

Weez April 2012

Sights from a weekend home…

22 Apr

The Rehab team from work went out for drinks and dinner after work on Friday. I decided on the way back to Lexington to throw a few things together and head home. I just couldn’t wait til morning. I arrived home about quarter to 11. The lights were on and Tanner and Zelda met us at the door.

Even the Maeve and Nisha came racing down the stairs. The homecoming was on. Except for my wife. I had arrived after pumpkin time and she was sound asleep upstairs and never heard a thing! She eventually made a bathroom run much later and realized I was home.

I’m used to the whole a party is happening but dead to the world for 3 or 4 hours after first falling asleep thing since my sister was exactly the same way. I swear there are some people who are so susceptible to the sleep dust imbedded in couches and beds.
The chicks are looking fluffy, feathery and happy.

Some more more brave than others.

Zelda, our “timid” dog… the one we thought would be frightened the most… Is the one most intrigued and protective.

She growled and got between Frankie and the chicks when he got a bit too interested and not in a good way. He was trembling with excitement and licking his chops.

Really don’t be fooled by that oh so innocent face… He was harassing the cats within minutes of returning home on Friday night. There’s a reason one of his nicknames is Frankenstein!

And Mr Big Bad Backyard Hunter, Tanner has run off in a panic every time we’ve tried to introduce him to the chicks in the past 2 weeks. Now this is the lad who has killed several squirrels and chipmunks.

He has a favorite tree he hangs out under to study them and stalks the back fence for any critter that moves beyond it. Tanner once leaped over some fencing I’d put up to go after the bear tracks in the snow. And he runs away and hides from baby chicks… go figure.

The incident with him escaping to chase the bear was one of several that caused us to have professionals in to put up proper fencing.

In hindsight, what a great idea since it will provide another layer of protection once the chickens move outside into the chicken coop. It’s really coming along. It should be done by the end of the week.

Spring might be a little behind up in the Berkshire Hills but it’s starting to gain some steam.



The rhubarb, blueberry bush and pear tree’s are showing promise.


Driving back to Lexington on the Mass Pike this afternoon in the rain looked like this when I ran into traffic near Sturbridge.

Welcome back to the eastern part of the state. But all will be well on CoyoteCrow Farm out in the Berkshire Hills.

In the end a question.

19 Apr

A number of years ago I was in a situation where money was really tight. I had to find ways to cut costs. So I made sure to turn off lights, take quick showers, turn the heat way down and wear sweaters… my friends who came over to visit usually declined my offers to take their coats!

Another way was to cancel cable TV. A young friend at work was appalled. “What on earth are you going to do at night? How will you keep yourself entertained and keep up with the current TV shows?”.

Having grown up without cable I was a bit puzzled by her question. Well, I’ll probably write and play guitar more, hang out with friends more often, read the books I’ve been meaning to get to and play and hike with my dogs.

I could listen to my beloved Boston Red Sox on the radio as I did when I was a kid and still get mindless chores done. And if the antenna was positioned just right I could I could see the NE Patriots on TV with only a little bit of snowy reception. All in all I didn’t miss TV all that much.

My wife and I recently realized we were watching more old TV series for $7.99 per month streaming Netflix than actual cable TV for over $65.00 a month. It seemed like a no brainer. Not that we’re in that kind of financial situation at this time but sheesh why pay for what we don’t use.

Back in the 70’s I had a bumper sticker on my red Volkswagen bug that read “TV is a drug”. If I still had that bumper sticker I’d put it on my current car ’cause I still think it’s true.

To me it brings to mind the circuses of the Roman Empire as it was falling apart. Feed the masses cheap bread and entertainment and they won’t notice as it all falls apart around them.

You may be familiar with the saying of George Santayana “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” Sometimes it feels as though there are not enough of us who remember. What do you who read this think? Where does the road lead us from here? Are we as a society to be drugged into submission? Or do we take a different route than history suggests?


Ticked Off

18 Apr

Shaggy Frankie went to the groomer today. Although I like the scruffy look that he often sports, it becomes more to difficult to manage when the warm weather arrives. We call him Mr Swiffer at times… For good reason!

His hair–especially his beard picks up all kinds of stuff: leaves, feathers, burdocks, paper wrappers and clumps of dog fur. But worst of all ticks can hide out for days in his hair. And it’s really hard to remove them when his hair is long.

This is going to be a very bad year for fleas and ticks. The winter was so mild it didn’t kill them off. It’s already been bad. I’ve pulled almost a dozen ticks off our little dude in a week an a half.

So a haircut was in order. I have no way to upload a picture of his newest do until I get to my home computer this weekend. But until then here’s an earlier haircut picture.

The groomer out here in Lexington did a nice job from a picture on my phone. He’s looking pretty darn good. I’ve even caught him smiling a few times tonight.

Hump day is here and it’s a downhill slope to getting home this weekend to see Elizabeth, Zelda, Tanner, Maeve, Nisha and the chickens. In other words, my family. Home Sweet Home!