Truly Random Thoughts… ADD style.

18 Mar

Dancing Zelda

Our oldest dog/cat is the most beautiful, graceful, empathic, goofy, foolish, freakish and least dog-like dog I’ve ever met!  And yes, her story will be told.
Uh oh, I think I might be getting sick.  I’m all schnorki, my throat hurts, I’m starting to lose my voice and my birthday’s this week.  Yes Love, I’ll take a hit of your Double E – Immune Booster tincture before I come to bed.
Ok, I’m not quite sure what the picture above is but it makes me think of the sky, mountains, sunset, trees and stars so I’m gonna go with that.  (I told you this would be random.)  All of which have been spectacular the past few days and spring is still officially 2 days away.
The sky was blue, blue, blue today with not a hint of clouds, the sunset along the western ridge of the Berkshire hills phenomenal, the trees are getting that reddish tint of early spring and the stars and planets have been at their full equinox glory the last few nights.  How’s that for connecting the dots?  Yeah, an ADD specialty.

Autumn kayaking with Frankie.

There are like 4 or 5 layers plus my life jacket under the windbreaker.  So for those who might be wondering, no my head has not been shrunken.  This crazy “winter” weather has me thinking… get the kayaks out.  It’s been over 70 like 3x already in the last 2 weeks.

Northern Appalachians

We spent yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day wandering over some of the high, twisty, back roads of Northern Berkshire County of Western Mass.  It was a lovely afternoon and we came home to a scrumptious, glazed corned beef dinner.
We then watched a gem of a movie called Songcatcher.  It’s set in 1907 when a woman music professor visits her sister who’s a teacher in the southern Appalachian mountains.  She discovers the virtually unchanged music of the Scots-Irish who immigrated to the US in the 1600’s and 1700’s.  They settled in the Appalachians because the coastal regions had already been settled.
The story is a bit contrived but the main focus is on the music.  And as Elizabeth and I have both Scots and Irish as well as music in our DNA it really caught both of us.  Plus the mountains/hills of New York and New England are considered part of the Appalachians.
I got goose bumps and only cried a bit at the end.  It was the music, honest.  And please don’t tell anyone, it would wreck my army national guards/macha image.  Besides a small tot of scotch-whiskey to honor our ancestors (there was no moonshine available) took care of any wimpiness on my part.

He was illegally cute from the beginning.

Young Frankie and I went to work today.  It was a long day.  Most of the patients, staff and visitors know Frankie by name.  He’s kind of legend… after all he’s been going to work since he was 2 months old and is now 4 1/2 years old.

King of the cushions.

I gotta tell you it’s a bit disconcerting when everyone knows your dog’s name but not yours.  But it’s not the first time I’ve been beat out by a dog act.  And I’m OK with that.  When your dogs are cuter than you are (except to my wife thankfully) it’s to be expected.  I’m pretty sure all my patients today worked longer and harder because a dog was there than if it had been just me.  Just stating a simple truth.

Cousins grown and still beloved family

Awesome, unexpected phone call from a left coast cousin totally made my day.  I love that all of my cousins can get in touch with any of us after years apart and still feel the love and connection of family.  It’s a special thing we have.

We have a wonderful trove of stories of the generations that came before us.  And some of our family have traced even further back.  For someone like myself who treasures history this is a wonderful thing.  Even when it’s not of my family.  In speaking of ancestry with a patient today, he revealed one side of his family has been here since the earliest settlers in America.  Wow, amazing stuff.  Even more amazing… is part of my Elizabeth’s family has been here almost as long.

Drying hand made socks.

Yikes, in a couple of weeks we’re gonna have chickens… Steve is gonna build us a chicken coop and the Red Sox start a new season.  Note the sox on the middle left.  Elizabeth knit those a few years ago during the season… to make them especially lucky.  I’ve worn them every opening day and important games since.  Not that they’ve made a difference but it makes me feel better.
So is anyone else having trouble figuring out how the Red Sox and chickens ended up in the same paragraph?  I’m thinking it’s about they’re both arriving around the same time.  Yeah, that’s it.  Really folks, this is how my brain hops from thought to thought… or makes connections.
Right I know, kind of hard to keep track.  Kudos to my wife for sticking around.  Me… I would have jumped ship a long while ago.  Except I can’t… ah, it’s my brain… making it difficult to walk away from.  All I can do is try to keep making those connections!

Hold on Honey, it's gonna be a tilty ride.


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