Picturing the Wind

8 Mar

Pine in the wind

The morning woke to a mighty wind a blowin’.  I snuggled down into the quilt with Frankie and the cats for a bit of a listen.  I love the many sounds of the wind.  It whistles down the chimney and the house creaks and groans in its path.  The wind chimes on the back porch sing crazy songs in its passing.  And the distant roar of the wind through the trees getting louder the closer it comes.

I love all kinds of weather but I especially like the wind.  I remember laying in a grassy field one late summer afternoon.  I was about 12 and would be leaving for boarding school in a few days.  I watched as the wind tore through the wildly waving trees.  There were no pictures to be seen in the clouds scudding by so quickly.  I was thinking that the wind was taking summer away and kept saying “Goodbye Summer”.  It evoked a bittersweet feeling and in memory Summer did indeed leave us that day.

Honduran palm tree in the wind

I often wonder where the wind has been.  What has it seen or who has it touched.  Where is it going and when and how will it end.

Trying to capture the wind

I spent part of my morning trying to capture in picture the sway of the wind.  It’s not easy trying capture the invisible in one still frame.  In the end the best I could do was to record its effect on objects around me.

Laundry in the wind

Hopefully no dust got into my laundry.  The dogs in the mud however, were a different story!

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