My attitude of gratitudes

6 Mar

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We don’t just celebrate our Birthdays around here.  Our celebration lasts the whole month.  It’s another way of appreciating the miracle of finding each other.  We are now a week into Birthday Month.  In a few weeks I’ll be the same age as the year of my birth.  Which seems odd since I don’t feel a day over 11.
A number of years ago we lost one of my brothers to an accident.  I took his death hard and spun into a funk that lasted almost 6 months.  What finally enabled me to climb out of that place was a small book.  I found it rummaging around the book section of a tag sale.  Attitudes of Gratitude by M. J. Ryan was the epitome of the Universe giving what is needed at the exact right moment.
So in the spirit of that remarkable book, I have been really paying attention on this sun shiny, blue skied, early March day.
Here are some of the things I am very grateful to have in my life on this day.
My wife Elizabeth and my dog Zelda
My wonderful In-Laws
My large, incredibly generous and very funny Irish family
That very first sip of freshly ground, French pressed coffee of the day.
Farm fresh eggs from a friend‘s hens for breakfast.
The color of honey in the sun and the taste on toast.
An heirloom seed catalog to browse
while waiting for the winter garden to wake up to spring.
A sun speckled dog in a sun and shadow back yard.
Nun’s day at Fenway Park
And my beloved Red Sox start a new season afresh in just under a month!  Gratitude indeed!

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