Snow Impressions

1 Mar

The night belongs to the snow.

Frankie jumping through the snow like a jack rabbit in his winter coat.

Frankie's found a stick just his size!

Tanner with the thickest natural fur coat, hates the cold and the wet the most.

I don't care how many coats I have... I'd rather be by the fire.

Zelda in the snow bounds like a deer.  She also enjoys creating doggie snow angels.

I don't need no stinkin' coat... I ain't no wussy dog like my brother Tanner!

Nisha and Maeve are with Tanner on this... They'd rather be inside!

And all of the Garden St family are grateful for the nice warm fire of our wood stove.

The family hearth

May you all be as fortunate as us in the comfort of warmth and family on this snowy night.

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