Mental note to self…

27 Feb

Let me just think about this for a minute.

Have you ever started to do or say something and then realize what a bad, bad idea it was?  Yeah, me too.  Now, not all of the Uh oh I’m in trouble moments below belong to me.  Although there are enough so that I have my own don’t even think about it stupid “mental note to self” list!  I’m sure many of you do as well.


My tennis ball... not yours!

Stepping on your dogs tennis ball at any time but especially during a middle of the night bathroom trip… can result in a black eye!

Road trip ready.

Leaving your cell phone, iPod or other expensive electronic devices on the top of your car to be subsequently run over with said car!

Ready for some raking.

Mowing over or any other kind of yard work for that matter over a yellow jacket’s ground nest… especially the day before your wedding!

Broken ankle in Red Sox colors.

Running down icy cement steps with your slippers on just to warm up the car… did result in a broken ankle and surgery!

Softball a lifelong love affair.

Throwing yourself down with your arms over your head and yelling “INCOMING!” during a game when a firecracker goes off behind home plate while you’re batting.  I’ll own this one.  I was just back from my 2 weeks of National Guards training at Fort Bragg.  It was a sort of conditioned response.  It took 10 minutes for the game to resume so everyone including the umpires could stop laughing their asses off!  I have to admit even I was laughing once I was over the shock.


Eating your wife’s last piece of chocolate… especially that time of the month… well the consequences are just too terrible to contemplate, aren’t they?

Pretty Blue Jay

Banging a partially frozen bucket of what we euphemistically call “doggie land mines” against the fence in preparation to dumping it out.  NOT PRETTY!  Also, NOT FUNNY!!


Ever picking on a Biker, especially in a Biker bar… never a good idea!

Look, it's a double dog dare.

Of course, I’ve had a few more of those UH OH’s than what’s written and pictured here.  Consider the above to be life lessons to share in case anyone else needs to make their own “Mental note to self” list.    Sort of a public service thingie.  The question here is is there anyone out there who’d care to comment on their own UH OH moments?  I double dog dare you!!

One Response to “Mental note to self…”

  1. Elizabeth February 28, 2012 at 7:17 am #

    It’s a bad idea to buy Red Sox tickets for your dad as a Christmas present without checking to make sure the game day isn’t Mother’s Day. Just sayin’.

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