A snow scattered Saturday afternoon

25 Feb

A Snow Scattered Afternoon

Last weekend Elizabeth and I attended a beer making workshop.  So of course a beer making kit was ordered in short order.  It arrived at the house today.  It seems making beer means following certain rules regarding sanitation and no mixing of atmospheric yeast so that the beer comes out right.  Which means Elizabeth takes charge since I’m not terribly good at rule following.
Now that doesn’t mean I can’t follow general rules… I did manage 6 years in the Guards and 5 years of Catholic boarding school without getting kicked out and I’ve never been fired from a job or come close to being arrested!  However following EXACT rules is more of a challenge for me than my wife.  Hence I’m very good at cooking, photography and song writing.  And that’s why when my wife offered to teach me to knit a few years ago after I broke my ankle I politely declined… several times.
She just couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t be thrilled with 3 months of knitting.  I was just as happy to read 3 science fiction trilogies and find an online site that tracked the movement of European tribes over the past 2000 years.  They say opposites attract and honestly I can’t argue with that.  It’s part of what makes us so perfect for each other.
So she spent the day making beer, watching beer making video’s on the computer and bottling the Dandelion Wine that’s been aging since early last summer.  And I whiled away a windy, snow scattered Berkshire afternoon obsessively catching up on the Red Sox spring training news, re-reading a favorite science fiction novel and watching yet another of the Star Trek saga… the Enterprise version.  I ventured out in time to help Elizabeth clean up from her fruitful labors and sample the Dandelion Wine.  She’d been convinced it wouldn’t be very good.  She’s a bit of a pessimist.  I on the other hand tend to be an optimist.  This time I was right.  Damn fine Dandelion Wine and we’re grateful for a damn fine afternoon!

2 Responses to “A snow scattered Saturday afternoon”

  1. Jen coppola February 26, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    Weez, You always have great stories. Thanks for sharing. Speaking of sharing-I’d like to critique that wine of yours. Jen

  2. Jenna February 26, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

    Right on weez! Great blog!

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