We’re home!

18 Feb
So for the past 2 days the non-human division of the Western Mass McCarty family have been without their humans for most of the day.   A real change in the routine since at least one of us–mainly me–is usually home.  Yesterday because Elizabeth and I actually went to work to pay for the dog and cat food that appear roughly around the same time everyday, and today ’cause we went to a pretty terrific workshop an hour and a half away.
We got home a little after 7pm tonight and the greetings from the canine and feline contingents were distinctly different.  The Dogs: OMG, OMG, the mama’s are home, love us, love us and heyyy you guys smell pretty interesting and now can we go outside?  The Cats: Oh good, you’re home, but what the HELL… dinner is late, no don’t bother to take off your coats…FEED US NOW!  Now that sounds like a pretty normal distinction in most households with cats and dogs.  But let’s just say there’s more than a bit of species confusion that happens in our little third of an acre homestead.  And since we are thinking of expanding to another species or two it may be an interesting next couple of months in that regard!  To be explored later on this blog!
It was quite the day with learning how to make some beer and then bottle a batch that’s been brewing for a few weeks (can’t wait to taste that in a week or two).  Grinding and casing meat and spices into sausages came next which will be a supper of bangers and mash tomorrow night.  But the best part of the day was the warmth of food and fire, the companionship of dogs and music and like minded souls.  Thanks, Jenna for bringing it all together.
While it is always fun to visit other environs, the very best part of any day for us is returning to the home we’ve created out here in the Berkshires with our non-human companions and each other.   And each and every time, we both heave a great sigh of contentment as we turn into our driveway… we’re home!

2 Responses to “We’re home!”

  1. Elizabeth February 19, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    Don’t worry, friends, the winter isn’t quite that weird this year. The photo of the crabapple tree is from last year.

  2. Pat February 20, 2012 at 10:08 am #

    Weez, I am enjoying reading your blogs,and your pix are great,i don’t miss winter at all.Pat

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